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December 30, 2010

New Years Eve


December 26, 2010

New Years Eve

Email me for discount tix! nick@nickmason.org


December 24, 2010

Inside The Black Studio Video 5-9

The Next 5 Studio Videos from Inside The Black are up on You Tube.
I don't have codes to get the posted on this site, but here are the links:

Studio Video 5
Studio Video 6
Studio Video 7
Studio Video 8
Studio Video 9


December 23, 2010

Inside The Black Studio Video 4


December 21, 2010


Have a happy and safe Yule!


December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays from The Perfect Nines

Catch the Perfect Nines LIVE this Thursday (Dec. 23) at Sangria in Hermosa Beach, CA


December 15, 2010

She's In The Band Recording Video

Here is a little clip from the She's In The Band session.
You will get to seem me rock bongos, tambourines, and even a chair!


December 11, 2010

Inside The Black Studio Video #3

Inside The Black's next studio video is up!



December 7, 2010

Inside The Black Studio Video #2

Inside The Black's second studio video is up!



December 4, 2010

Inside The Black Studio Video #1

The first video from Inside The Black's recording session is up.
I'm not in it, but my truck is...



November 24, 2010

More fun in the studio

Tracked drums for LA rock band Inside The Black this past week,
and for the first time in 9 years, recorded to tape!

Below are some photos from the session. One of the songs recorded will be on the soundtrack to
Heavy Metal Magazine's first digital comic book, GATES, due out January 1st.
Information Inside The Blacks release and the soundtrack will be available soon.



November 18, 2010

She's in the Band

Tracked Percussion for Ukilaylee driven indi-rock group, She's in the Band.
Recording took place at Command Studio in Velencia, CA. Below are some pics...

More pics and video will be posted soon. For more info on She's in the Band or to pre-order the CD "Better"
check out: shesintheband.bandcamp.com


October 31, 2010


Here is a little trick or treat for ya... Inside The Black LIVE at The Whiskey


October 26, 2010

Studio Pics

Pics from my recent recording session at the Musicians Institute.

Brandon Fielder setting up mics... Kit used for tracking
Leave me alone! Im recording!!


October 13, 2010

Studio & Video

Currently in the studio working with Margot Lane and Heaven Is Where Bassist Will Walz on a new collaboration.
We recorded demo tracks last weekend at the Tommy Tedesco Studio located at the Musicians Institute.
I will be going back in this week to lay down drums and will be sure to get more pics...

Photos from the Jason Hemmens' "Kissing, Dancing, Singing" Music Video shoot:

More pics & The video will be out soon. Be sure to check out Jason's music at jasonhemmens.com


September 28, 2010

Inside The Black with Corey Feldman

Just after sound check last night we found out Inside The Black frontman Mike Richmond was in the Hospital.
We don't know the details yet, but we wish him all the best. With any luck we will see you all this weekend at
the Whiskey.

I would also like to thank actor Corey Feldman for stepping in last minute on Vocal duties and showing Cinespace
how Inside The Black rocks!

Update: 9-29-10
Frontman Mike Richmond is out of the Hospital and doing well. He will be back on stage this Saturday at the
Whiskey A Go GO.


September 8, 2010


To order check visit the official Heaven Is Where Store at: heaveniswhere.com


August 29, 2010

Inside The Black at the 2010 Sunset Strip Music Fest

Full sized versions have been posted on my MySpace and Facebook pages. Check'em out...


August 14, 2010


I am please to say that I am going to be featured in a new music video by solo artist Jason Hemmens.
I'll be playing drums in Jason's video "Kissing, Dancing, Singing". Shooting starts next week.

My eHow drum videos are now up on You Tube and ehow.com, I have posted most of them on Facebook and
MySpace. My favorite ones are on the Drumming Video page. Click the TV to view!


July 18, 2010

NEW Live Gigs

More live gigs added to the calendar with LA Bands Heaven Is Where, Inside The Black & Volitions.
Check out the LIVE SHOWS page for info.


June 20, 2010

IT'S HERE! Heaven Is Where's Official music video for "Walking With Ghosts"


June 19, 2010

Behind The Scenes Videos


June 4, 2010


Go out and buy the current issue of DRUM! Magazine. The "Wiretap" section has a small blurb about Rock Nation
Studio City, and a photo of yours truly.

I am now an eHOW.com expert. What does that mean? Well in the comming weeks you will be able to search
eHow.com and find 29 individual drum lessons that I filmed for the website. Once the videos are live, I will post links here to each of them.

June 18th I'll also be playing live with Pop Artist Paige Williams.
Be sure to check her out, www.paigewilliamsmusic.com


May 30, 2010


Currently in the studio tracking drums and co-producing tracks for R&B; Artist Flo Brown.

More live shows with Heaven Is Where have been posted, and "Walking With Ghosts" music video is now finished.
The Video will premiere on June 11th at Fais Do Do in Downtown Los Angeles, followed by a performance by the band. For more information check out the band's myspace: www.myspace.com/heaveniswhere


May 10, 2010


Rock Nation will be holding an open house on Sunday May 16th.
Click the flyer for more info.


April 17, 2010


New Photos up from Photographer/Film Producer Andy Shore.
These were taken on the set of Heaven Is Where's "Walking With Ghosts" music video.
Check out the rest of the pics in the Andy Shore Pics 2K10 gallery.


April 6, 2010


Check out my first Blog on moderndrummer.com

And here are a few more pics from the Heaven Is Where music video shoot:


March 31, 2010

Video Shoot Pics

Just wraped up the video shoot for Heaven Is Where's "Walking With Ghosts" in Laguna Hills, CA.
Here are some behind the scenes pics:

Full sized photos can be found on and

Special thanks to:
Silver Productions MV (Film Crew)
Rey Aquino Designs LLC (Wardrobe)
Peace Musical (For the new drums!)
and of course all the wonderful actors and actresses who took part.

We could not have done any of this without you, thanks for creating a kick-ass video!


March 18, 2010

New Pics/News

Due to the busy schedule that Heaven IS Where is on, we have had to push our first full band gig back.
The first official show will now be the April 14th date.

That being said, we are shooting the official "Walking With Ghosts" music video at the end of March.
The band, along with our director is hard at work setting up locations, finishing the script and making sure everything is in order. Last week we had our wardrobe fitting and promotional photo shoot. Below is one of the promo shots, more can be found on the Studio Shots page.


March 2, 2010

New Music Video & Gigs

Big update for all you cats!
I am please to annouce that I am now working with Indi/Folk artist Eric Ethan, ericethan.com
Over the next month or so I will be laying down drum tracks for Eric's album as well as performing in his live band.
Speaking of live band, Heaven is Where has been booking full band, electric shows. The first will be at the end
of the month. Here's the info:

March 31 - Heaven Is Where - Universal Bar - North Hollywood, CA
April 14 - Heaven Is Where - Skinny's Lounge - North Hollywood, CA

More dates TBS soon!

Onto the music video. I'll be featured in the "Sunny Days" music video by the LA band Backdrifter.
No, I am not playing the drums this time, just acting. Below are photos from the set, the full video should
be out soon.

Full sized photos can be viewed on my MySpace page.


Feb. 21, 2010


Heaven Is Where will begin to play as a full band starting in March, dates are posted on the LIVE SHOWS page.


Jan 29, 2010


Well, I have finally gotten around to do something on this site that I have been after for a while, ARTWORK!
I am now offering custom Graphic Design to Musicians, Bands, & Businesses.

This includes:
Logo Design
Web Banners
Print & Web Ads
CD Arwork
T-Shirt Designs
Comp & Zed Cards
Bass Drum heads
and more...

Examples of my work can be found on the new ART page.
If interested Email nick@nickmason.org for prices and info.

Lots of new show dates added as well, check out the LIVE SHOWS page for the latest.


Jan 19, 2010

NAMM 2010 Pics

1. Elias Andra (Julien-K/Dead By Sunrise) 2. Mike Licata (Boys Don't Cry) & Paul Shkut
3. Sarah Malaney (Zildjian AR) 4. Andre Cynkin & Mark Esquer (Peace Drums)
5. & 6. Bob & Jeff (Ahead Drumsticks) 7. Chris Brady (Aquarian Drumheads)
8. Margot Lane, John "JR" & Debbie Robinson

See full sized pics HERE


Jan 13, 2010

HIW Show Update / NAMM

Heaven Is Where's First 2010 acoustic show has been moved to January 22!
Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

If you plan on attending the 2010 Winter Namm show this weekend I'll be there Friday and Saturday.
Be sure to swing by Hall D and say hello. I can be found at these booths:
Peace Drums, Ahead Drumsticks, Zildjian, Aquarian & Factory Metal.


Jan 7, 2010

First HIW Show

The first of Heaven Is Where's 2010 acoustic shows is set for January 14th in Hollywood. Lots more to come!
Check out the Live page for updates as well as myspace.com/heaveniswhere.


Jan 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Take a look around the website, a few things have changed.

I have a slightly new cymbal setup for 2010 on the Gear page, and an "Artwork" page is in the works. The Artwork page will showcase some of my designs, illustrations and photography, and should be up soon.

Heaven Is Where is back in rehearsals after a holiday break, and will be booking some acoustic shows until we have the regular live show finished. At the same time I am playing out with Classic Rockers,
The Average Joe's Band. We already have a slew of gigs for the new year with more being added all the time.
Check out the Live page for all my 2010 dates, and be sure to keep checking back as they are updates all the time.